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Harry Potter - Wizard of the Month Challenge
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Monthly themed challenges to write about or draw a picture of a Wizard of the Month.
J. K. Rowling gets all the money and the fame, but why should she have all the fun? Every month for the past few years, she has posted a Wizard of the Month (WotM) on her official website, but the Harry Potter universe is just too big for only one Wizard of the Month. hp_wotm is a community for the fans to try their hand at creating their own Wizards of the Month based on a monthly challenge theme.

Membership at hp_wotm is open. In order to post your own WotM (art and text or text only), you must join and read over the rules and posting guidelines. If you aren't interested in posting your own WotM but would like to keep an eye on the magical characters created by fellow fans, you are still invited to join, add the community to your friends list, and comment on any and all entries.

February 2008's Challenge Theme: Love/Hate.